Sunday, 15 May 2011

Closing the Gap in Year 12

This graph is a map of success in how we are Closing the Gap in Education! It plots the percentage of Indigenous students at our school who have entered Senior School through to graduation. Our graph has a noticeable jump in 2009 - the year we introduced the Close the Circle model!

Now compare it to a similar graph from the Australian Government

The Government is right when they say there is a considerable gap in both attainment and attendance in Senior School between Indigenous and Mainstream students.But the results can change when we change our own models of education - not like the recommendation that: 'to halve the gap by 2020, Indigenous year 12 completion rates (or equivalent) would need to increase by up to 2 percentage points each year.' (Close the Gap)

Close the circle on Indigenous Education and you Close the Gap!

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