Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Twelve Ways to implement Aboriginal processes in schools

Tonight I'm reading the Aboriginal Pedagogies at the Cultural Interface Report by Tyson Yunkaporta, Aboriginal Education Consultant, in Western NSW Region Schools.

I'm so excited to read though the 12 recommendations to implement Aboriginal processes in schools as it confirms much of what our 'Closing the Circle' stands for and achieves! At least 10 of them make up the  foundations of the Circle model of education in our senior school!!
Not only is our model built around deep understandings of Aboriginal pedagogy but it has already begun to improve outcomes for our Indigenous learners!

What do you think of these 12 ways? Which ones are you doing - I'd love to hear about your model!
Which ones stand out to you and which of them challenge you?

Stages of Competence in Aboriginal Pedagogy:
Teacher uses Aboriginal learning processes to…
Foster pride and confidence in Aboriginal intellectual capacity
Find common links between mainstream practice and Aboriginal ways
Help students understand aspects of mainstream content
Indigenise the learning environment
Indigenise/contextualise curriculum content
Inform behaviour management approaches
Change paradigms in and out of the classroom
Inform approaches to Aboriginal cultural content
Inform the structure of lessons, units and courses
Increase the intellectual rigor of learning activities
Inform understandings/innovations of systems and processes
Implicitly ground all teaching and learning in Aboriginal ways of knowing

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